Carrie Tingley Hospital 70th Anniversary

The New Mexico State Veterans Home sits on a hill overlooking the Hot Springs district of modern day Truth or Consequences. It was built in 1937 as Carrie Tingley Hospital for Crippled Children. On the facility’s 100th birthday, in 2007, former employees and patients were invited to gather and pay tribute to the hospital. A brief history, scenes from the ceremony, and some historic and modern-day stills are included in this video.

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  1. My mother Isabelle Lucero was a patient there in the 30s she had infantile paralysis from the time she was walking she said her legs were like a rag dolls and Carrie Tingley Mater able to stand on her legs with braces I do not have any childhood pictures of her or teenage pictures I would like to know if there’s any way possible someone may have group pictures of Carri Tingley children?? To see if she may be in any of them would be greatly appreciated please let me know Thank you very much Carmen Ellis

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