Gayle Middleton

An interview with long-time Hot Springs / Truth or Consequences resident Gayle Middleton, a WWII Veteran, former school board member and relative (by marriage to his wife Ruth) of one of the town’s early developers, A.J. “Pop” Howe.

In Part 4, Gayle’s daughter Barbara Middleton Wiley reads a document written by her sister Debbie Middleton Whitehead, written after Debbie interviewed her parents in 2001. The narrative includes lots of history on AJ “Pop” Howe, Debbie and Barbara’s grandfather. Pop Howe was a well-known local character who moved to Hot Springs in 1922 for treatment of his tuberculosis. After recovering, he sold Model Ts and Model As from the Ford garage, and later was responsible for building many of the structures that still exist along Broadway in modern-day Truth or Consequences.

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