Embree “Sonny” Hale

Embree “Sonny” Hale was born and raised in Sierra County.  In this interview he recalls his memories, mostly about Hillsboro and Monticello.

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  1. Can you please give my grandfather embree Sonny hale my information or please give me the information to where he is I think he’s in the VA HOSPITAL IN T.OR.C if I have to I’ll just go down and try and see him I have cancer and would like to see him before he gets worse and God forbid dies or I die first not having the relationship I need to have with him away from his controlling daughter (my mother Bobbi) and her husband I need to see him please he could even come live with me and I can take care of him .my phone number is 5052279324 please if there is any way you can help me I can’t tell you how much it would mend my broken heart to have my popa back in my life please please help me thank you so much even an address or a phone number or give him mine I don’t want one of us to die not have having the most of what time we do have left together I beg and pray you hear my hearbroken words of sorrow and remorse for missing out this long but I need to make up for lost time please. I was born in Las Cruces in ,9/11/84 my grandmother was margerory Reid Hale his best friends were max evans and Hellen and his mom my great grandma lived in Deming and I called her granny Barry.

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