Claudine Davis

An interview with Claudine Davis, whose family moved to Animas Creek in the 1940s.  She has lived at Animas in a house on “the wrong side of the creek” ever since.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing my Aunt Claudines memories from down on the creek! Of course she has alot more memories that we so dearly love hearing! Listening to Claudine brought back so many memories visiting on the creek!

  2. From the time I was about 14 I have been fortunate enough to go visit the Davis’ on Animas Creek. So many fun memories. Claudine & Bob were always so good to me. Jerry and I pulled lots of tricks on each
    other and we survived. Jerry and Wes delighted getting me on the swinging bridge and scaring me. I always had to crawl across it. Any time Joan and Wes were going there I was more than happy to bum a ride. When I grew up and had kids of my own they also got to go to visit and like me it was a very fun time. The last time I was there I took my trailer and my grandson, (Kody) and a friend of his. We stayed 3-4 days. They had so much fun playing in the creek. It was such a fun time for all of us. I loved visiting with Claudine.
    60 years later Animas Creek is still a favorite place of mine. It is beautiful and so peaceful. I am so thankful for the many years of good memories I have there and the wonderful people that made these memories possible. Claudine I will miss you.

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