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Bill Buhler

Bill Buhler was born in Minnesota. After law school and a stint in the military, he moved to Truth or Consequences in 1956. He opened a practice, served as the attorney for Hot Springs National Bank, and served on the City Commission from 1960-64. In this video he mostly discusses his involvement in the creation and development of the Geronimo Springs Museum (which did NOT begin with a Rotary Club pancake breakfast fundraiser, as has been rumored for years).  Mr. Buhler talks about the many people who contributed to the museum’s exhibits, buildings, and so forth – including Ann Wellborn, the interviewer.

Walter and Viola Armijo

The early history of Las Palomas and its church as told by Walter Armijo, who was raised there by his uncle. His wife Viola is also a long-time resident of Sierra County.

Mayor’s Forum

Five Truth or Consequences Mayors (four former, one current) discuss their terms and the issues they face sitting on the City Commission.

Embree “Sonny” Hale

Embree “Sonny” Hale was born and raised in Sierra County.  In this interview he recalls his memories, mostly about Hillsboro and Monticello.

Hazel Johnson

Hazel Johnson shares her memories of living on her family’s ranch in the San Andres Mountains before White Sands Missile Range was established.  She also shares early memories of the town of Hot Springs, including the location of “Lovers Lane.”

Daisy Wilson

Daisy Wilson grew up in Lake Valley and Caballo (before the dam was built and Caballo Reservoir was created), and later moved to Hot Springs. Daisy had a long career at the Carrie Tingley Hospital for Crippled Children, which was built by the Governor of New Mexico in 1937 to treat children afflicted with polio and other diseases.

Hermila Romero

An interview with Hermila Romero, a 3rd generation resident of Cuchillo. She attended school there, met her husband there, and made and sold countless tamales while she was running the Cuchillo Cafe in the late 1980s.

Claudine Davis

An interview with Claudine Davis, whose family moved to Animas Creek in the 1940s.  She has lived at Animas in a house on “the wrong side of the creek” ever since.

Gayle Middleton

An interview with long-time Hot Springs / Truth or Consequences resident Gayle Middleton, a WWII Veteran, former school board member and relative (by marriage to his wife Ruth) of one of the town’s early developers, A.J. “Pop” Howe.

In Part 4, Gayle’s daughter Barbara Middleton Wiley reads a document written by her sister Debbie Middleton Whitehead, written after Debbie interviewed her parents in 2001. The narrative includes lots of history on AJ “Pop” Howe, Debbie and Barbara’s grandfather. Pop Howe was a well-known local character who moved to Hot Springs in 1922 for treatment of his tuberculosis. After recovering, he sold Model Ts and Model As from the Ford garage, and later was responsible for building many of the structures that still exist along Broadway in modern-day Truth or Consequences.

Maxine Cecil

Maxine moved from her home near Bucklin, Kansas to Hot Springs New Mexico in 1947. As owner of the Broadway Courts Motel, she doubled as a fishing guide and led many a tour. Later she and and her husband, Billy Cecil, owned and ran The Tackle Box, a bait shop and fishing business downtown. Maxine still fishes every day that weather allows.

Maxine Cecil passed away on January 28, 2016. Her granddaughter Amanda Sears made this video tribute.