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Jack & Grace Cain

Jack and Grace Cain still live on their ranch north of Engle, which is about 15 miles from Rhodes Canyon.  Jack is known as the “Traveling Preacher” and has brought the Lord to many a rural New Mexican. He currently preaches at Engle Church.  Grace, the good woman behind every good preacher, taught 5th grade science at T or C Elementary during her professional life.  She also taught “Ag in the Classroom” courses to educators all over the state.

Lena Walker

Lena Walker was born in Portales New Mexico in 1914. Her family raised Angora goats in the Sacramento mountains (in Otero County) before moving the operation to Sierra County in 1932.

Pine Knot Owner Grace Woolf

The owner of the Pine Knot Saloon, Grace Woolf of Truth or Consequences, talks about the history of the bar that she and her husband, RC, built in 1950. Topics covered include the one-armed bandits that were once in bars all over T or C, watering holes like the Arizona Hotel & Bar and Ashbaugh’s NightClub, unsolved murders from back in the day, and the story of Hart Derish and Ernie Bonner, who fatally shot one another outside the Pink Knot in July 1951.

The Luna Family

An interview with Amado (Amao), Libby, Donald, Elsie and Esther Patty Luna, who discuss life in the Chloride area. Amao was born in Dry Creek; his father worked in many of the local mines when Amao was growing up. Libby was born in Chloride.

Sierra County Residents’ Panel

Sherry Fletcher moderates a panel of Sierra County long-timers including Pat Zimmerman Rocco (moved to Hot Springs in 1945), Martha Jane Cain (moved to Hot Springs in 1946), Judy Hopkins Smith (born 1943 in Caballo), Bill Hopkins (born 1933 in Caballo), Ed Hopkins (born 1937 in Caballo), Dale Hopkins (born 1937 in Caballo), Daisy Faulkner Wilson (born in Caballo), Jacque McKinney Johnston (arrived in Hot Springs in 1942), and Ken Johnston (arrived Hot Springs in 1932).

The Arrey Family

Descendants of the “Arrey” for whom the town of Arrey New Mexico was named are interviewed by Sherry Fletcher in this lively walk down memory lane. Arrey is located in south Sierra County.

Helen “Dogie” Chavez

Helen “Dogie” Chavez’s parents homsteaded a ranch in the Caballo Mountain Range in 1922. She grew up ranching and went to school in Caballo.

Molly Baca

Molly Baca was born on a goat farm in Chloride in 1931. When she was 3, her family moved to Hillsboro, where her father made a living first by panning for gold and then as Probate Judge. Her mother cleaned famous “madame” Sadie Orchard’s Hotel. Molly also worked with her stepfather during his tenure at the Ladder Ranch. She and her husband eventually settled in Hot Springs.

Pete Padilla

Pete Padilla was born in 1950 in San Miguel, on land his great-grandfather homesteaded. He talks about his family’s history in San Miguel, including their day-to-day life and involvement in building the church. Other topics covered include the local acequias and irrigation methods, a few unsolved murders, the interesting shape of the San Miguel Church, and puncture vine, also known as goatheads.

Arrey Memories

A group of former students of the Arrey School system and other Arrey residents get together annually to enjoy one another’s company and reminisce. This video looks in on one of their reunions. The participants discuss school in Arrey and Hot Springs, roads being built with a mule team between Arrey (once known as El Bonito), Hatch, and Fort Thorn, and other memories of the old days.