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The Arrey Family

Descendants of the “Arrey” for whom the town of Arrey New Mexico was named are interviewed by Sherry Fletcher in this lively walk down memory lane. Arrey is located in south Sierra County.

Arrey Memories

A group of former students of the Arrey School system and other Arrey residents get together annually to enjoy one another’s company and reminisce. This video looks in on one of their reunions. The participants discuss school in Arrey and Hot Springs, roads being built with a mule team between Arrey (once known as El Bonito), Hatch, and Fort Thorn, and other memories of the old days.


This video offers a list of the cemeteries in Sierra County and includes directions to their sites. Also included are some descriptions of the notable and notorious people buried around the area.

Vidal Gonzalez

Vidal was born in Garfield and taught school in Arrey.  She also has family ties in Monticello, which was called Cañada Alamosa years ago.