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Sierra County Residents’ Panel

Sherry Fletcher moderates a panel of Sierra County long-timers including Pat Zimmerman Rocco (moved to Hot Springs in 1945), Martha Jane Cain (moved to Hot Springs in 1946), Judy Hopkins Smith (born 1943 in Caballo), Bill Hopkins (born 1933 in Caballo), Ed Hopkins (born 1937 in Caballo), Dale Hopkins (born 1937 in Caballo), Daisy Faulkner Wilson (born in Caballo), Jacque McKinney Johnston (arrived in Hot Springs in 1942), and Ken Johnston (arrived Hot Springs in 1932).

Helen “Dogie” Chavez

Helen “Dogie” Chavez’s parents homsteaded a ranch in the Caballo Mountain Range in 1922. She grew up ranching and went to school in Caballo.


This video offers a list of the cemeteries in Sierra County and includes directions to their sites. Also included are some descriptions of the notable and notorious people buried around the area.

Daisy Wilson

Daisy Wilson grew up in Lake Valley and Caballo (before the dam was built and Caballo Reservoir was created), and later moved to Hot Springs. Daisy had a long career at the Carrie Tingley Hospital for Crippled Children, which was built by the Governor of New Mexico in 1937 to treat children afflicted with polio and other diseases.