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The Luna Family

An interview with Amado (Amao), Libby, Donald, Elsie and Esther Patty Luna, who discuss life in the Chloride area. Amao was born in Dry Creek; his father worked in many of the local mines when Amao was growing up. Libby was born in Chloride.

Apaches in Sierra County

This video follows the history of the Apache people of Southern New Mexico – from before annexation through the Civil War, and into the 20th and 21st Centuries.

St. Jude Mission, Winston

Lucy Gurule takes Sherry Fletcher on a tour of the St. Jude Church in Winston, describing how it came to be and listing the community members who were involved in building it.

The Gurules

Lula and Larry (Elerico) Gurule talk about life in Winston & Chiz New Mexico.